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RICS Red Book Valuations

Lantic Surveyors can provide RICS Red Book Valuation Reports prepared in accordance with the RICS Global Standards manual.  Typically provided for a variety of purposes to include:

  • Capital Gains Purposes

  • Inheritance Tax Purposes

  • Matrimonial / Separation

  • Retrospective Valuation

  • Pre Purchase Purposes

  • Shared Ownerships / Section 106 Purposes

  • Charity Act Valuations


Lantic Surveyors can receive instructions direct from the client, their solicitor, accountant or financial adviser. 

Valuations are provided for both Residential and Commercial property. The valuation will be carried out by a RICS registered valuer with extensive local knowledge and experience.

Lantic Surveyors also act as consultant surveyors to a number of firms who receive valuation instructions for secured lending purposes.


Commercial Property Valuations

As general practice Chartered Surveyors, we have experience in dealing with commercial property matters.  Valuation and rental advice can be provided for a mixture of premises to include: retail, office and industrial units.

Valuations can also be prepared for SIPP purposes in accordance with SIPP regulations where the ownership of a premises is to be transferred.

We are also experienced in providing valuations for 1982 capital gains tax purposes on both residential and commercial property. Please contact us for a quotation. 


RICS Level 2 Home Survey

The RICS Level 2 Home Survey Report is intended for conventional residential properties, of traditional construction. This type of survey is generally suited to post Victorian properties which have not been substantially extended or altered.

The RICS Level 2 Home Survey can be provided with or without a Market Valuation. Reports which include a Market Valuation will also include an Insurance Reinstatement valuation. The inspection comprises of a visual inspection of all accessible elements of the property internally and externally from ground level, with the aid of a surveyor’s standard equipment.

The report is provided in the standard RICS report format, using the traffic light system of condition ratings.  Defects are identified together with recommendations for further investigation where required. Further advice is also provided together with recommendations on future maintenance.


RICS Level 3 Home Survey

The RICS Level Home Survey, also often referred to a full Building Survey, is usually provided on pre Victorian properties, or properties which are of non-traditional construction, or have been substantially extended and altered.  If you are purchasing a property and wish to undertake substantial changes, a Level 3 Home Survey is recommended.  Being the most detailed type of survey report, Lantic Surveyors often provide the Level 3 Home Survey for properties of extensive size or historic / Listed Buildings.  The report provides a more detailed and in - depth level of inspection compared to the Level 2 Home Survey.

The report is provided in the standard RICS report format also using the traffic light system of condition ratings. Clear and concise advice on each element of the property is provided together with recommendations for further investigation where required. Further advice is also provided together with recommendations on future maintenance. Information is also provided on the buildings energy performance together with recommendations for appropriate improvements.

The RICS Level 3 Building Survey is not provided with a valuation, however, this can be provided separately for an additional fee if required.

We also provide bespoke Building Survey Reports in a clear and concise format for very large or unusual properties / mixed use premises / commercial buildings. 


Commercial Surveys

Building Survey reports can be provided on commercial premises for pre-purchase purchases either in conjunction with a valuation or as a stand-alone service.

Lantic Surveyors can provide a full Building Survey Report or Pre Acquisition Purchase Report.

Please contact us for a quotation if you are considering obtaining a survey prior to your purchase of a commercial premises.


Schedules of Condition and Dilapidations

Schedules of condition are typically provided when entering into a new lease or assignment of an existing lease.  The document provides a record of the properties condition at the outset, and can reduce your liability for maintenance and provide a valuable document when dealing with dilapidations. Under a business lease you may be liable for full repairing and insuring terms, and therefore it is strongly recommended you take advice from a Chartered Surveyor prior to entering into a new tenancy.

Schedules of dilapidations are usually provided by the landlord at either the end of the of the lease where the tenant is vacating or by way of an interim schedule of dilapidations when there has been failure of the tenant to repair the property. Lantic Surveyors can provide schedule of conditions and dilapidations.


All Fees subject to property type and location.

Brick Construction
Land Surveyor

Insurance Reinstatement Valuations

Lantic Surveyors can provide Insurance Reinstatement Valuations for residential and commercial properties. The cost of building materials and labour has risen significantly and therefore it is important your property is insured for the correct sum. If you underestimate the cost, you may not have the required level of cover following a claim. Insurance Reinstatement valuations are calculated with reference to up-to-date data from the Building Cost Information Service. There is no correlation between the re-build cost and market value of a property.

Whilst most typical, conventional, residential properties are insured through a standard home owner policy with a maximum re-build cost of £500,000 or £1,000,000 you should check your specific insurance policy and obtain an Insurance Reinstatement Valuation if required. We typically provide this service for period / Listed Buildings, commercial / mixed used premises, Agricultural premises and estate / portfolio properties. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.


Insurance Reinstatement Valuations

Professional Services

Party Wall Notices

The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 provides a framework to deal with a variety of matters that may arise with a construction project. For example, if undertaking excavation works within 3 or 6 meters of an adjoining property then appropriate steps must be taken to show compliance with the Act. Any existing structure that is to be altered or cut into which could impact a neighbouring property may also require a Party Wall Notice to be served.

Lantic Surveyors can provide Party Wall Notices and Awards, or act on your behalf as an adjoining owners Surveyor should any Party wall work be proposed.  Further information about the Act is available here:

Clients who are using Lantic Surveyors for their building project can benefit from the use of our in house services at a reduced fee.

Defect Reports

If you have a suspected defect with an existing building or premises, or with a property you are intending to purchase, Lantic Surveyors can provide a specific defect report.  We have also assisted clients who have been subject to non-building regulation compliant works, incorrect/unnecessary works etc. We can also assist with obtaining respective Building Regulation Approval where necessary.

Architecture Sketches
Professional Services

Architectural Services

Lantic Surveyors provide a range of services in relation to architectural design from initial planning and design through to building regulation drawings and contract administration.

Weather you require a new build, a loft conversion or extension we can provide a complete solution from design inception to obtaining full planning approval with building regulation drawings.

If you wish to discuss your project, please contact us with a brief description by completing the online form on this website. We will then contact you to discuss further.

Architectural Services

Measured Land and Building Surveys

Also referred to as topographical surveys, measured land and building surveys are regularly required in advance of a construction project or for conveyance purposes.  Using a Leica Robotic Total Station all features on site are recorded. Data is downloaded onto CAD for formation of finished drawings in PDF or DWG format.

If you have a site or building that requires a measured survey please contact us with the site address and details so we can provide you with a quotation together with anticipated timescales for producing the survey.

Land Surveying
Measured Land and Building Surveys
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Contract Administration

As advocates of having a contract in place with your appointed building contractor, Lantic Surveyors are experienced in preparing a formal contract. Most commonly using the suite of JCT contracts which are familiar with construction professionals and consumers alike, contracts can be prepared together with a meeting with the client and contractor. Regular stage inspections can be undertaken to confirm the stage of works and issue appropriate stage certificates.   

Principal Designer

Lantic Surveyor’s can act in the capacity of Principal Designer, administrating CDM compliance by planning, managing and monitoring health and safety and building regulation compliance during the design and build of a project.

Contract Administration

Professional Consultant Certificates

The Professional Consultant Certificate is a legal document that confirms a building has been constructed to a satisfactory standard. Typically provided for bespoke new builds or conversions, Lantic Surveyors will undertake stage inspections through the construction process. Upon satisfactory completion the PCC will be issued. Mortgage lenders will only lend on a newly built, converted or significantly renovated property if there is a warranty scheme or Professional Consultants Certificate in place. 

Further information can be found on the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook website:

Brick House
Professional Consultant Certificates

Satisfied Customers

‘After having a lot of trouble with a roofing firm we got in touch with Lantic Surveyors.  With their friendly and helpful service, in depth reports and photos we finally managed to get the job done. We can't thank them enough.’ 

Mr and Mrs Palmer, Bere Alston. 

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